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Is there a way to get into the giantess' hand? Because I can't get the guy to jump.

Well, that was pretty crazy.

The code of game I deleted from my computer and I had to start from scratch

This new game link

There are many updates And is backed

Honestly, I hope it to be finished.

On the first side, the camera system needs to be improved, since the "head" camera is moving too fast. Of course, I recognized the intelligence bugs, but the problems are more about the slow speed when running (walking is faster than running), the nastilly slow lateral moves and the lack of controls when the main character is in giant woman's hand. The synthetic voice of narration needs to be remplaced by a true one. Do you know someone with a great voice? You only have to ask someone studying in theatre, cinema or litterature. The last thing would be to change the position where the giant woman's hand is going when the giant woman wants to use the man's tiny body to touch her vagina lips. I mean : I didn't see the vagina!

On the other side, the graphics are satisfying and the position of the cameras is right. The mechanics are satifying too.

I will wait until the next updates!


Something fishy about these games.

I've seen 4-5 of these exact games, with different skins, uploaded on this website. Sometimes they ask for money, sometimes they're free.

But each time they're barely different, and they never get updated. It's weird. I don't get it.

Well, I'll disinstall that game as you confirm it's suspicious. Thanks!